Must Try #FridayCocktail – Put the Lime in the Coconut

Christine Sismondo - May 22, 2015
Coconut with milk splash on white background

Got Milk? Coconut milk, that is. And you probably do have a can on hand, seeing as coconut milk is practically indispensable in a range of curries, soups and rice dishes. You just might be wasting that magical ingredient’s full potential, though, if you’re only using it in food, since it’s also an amazing way to brighten up cocktails. In fact, I’d argue that the …

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#TBT – a martini. a love story.

Shannon Fitzpatrick - May 21, 2015

I love a good love story. Especially if it’s my story to tell. In February of 2014, Quench published #FridayCocktail -Cucumber-Basil Martini, a cocktail recipe that I had picked up from a restaurateur I had recently met. After dining at his establishment, we struck up a conversation and he made me a great martini. So great, in fact, that I contacted him soon after to …

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Being Crafty Part 1: Forget The Romance and Experiment

Quench - May 20, 2015

Being Crafty Part 1: Forget The Romance and Experiment from Quench Magazine on Vimeo.

What’s the first thing you tell someone trying to get into brewing beer or distilling? Forget the romance and experiment. The three part Being Crafty docu-series looks at the world of craft brewers and distillers. As they work in one of the fastest growing segments in the alcohol production world, they make tough decisions. Do you go organic, how do you source, how do you …

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Back Again

Evan Saviolidis - May 15, 2015

Every year I feel an urge to visit a specific wine region. One might even describe it as a calling. Whatever term applies, the destination is the same: Prince Edward County. Why you may ask? Simple! It is heartening to see the growth and changes of a still nascent region. New wineries are opening every year and quality continues its upward trend. Furthermore, there is …

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Winners! 2015 Ontario Wine Awards

Quench - May 15, 2015

In 1995, Tony Aspler, Canada’s most acclaimed wine writer, founded the Ontario Wine Awards. His vision to celebrate Ontario’s VQA wines and promote the top quality wineries of the province – on the world stage – has now been realized. Now in its 21st year, the OWA received 472 wine submissions from 79 wineries. Judging was held over two consecutive weekends in April (11 & 17) …

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3 Incredible Summer Looks for your Home

Lisa Hoekstra - May 11, 2015
summer kitchen

Fashion designers, makeup artists and interior designers have worked to harness the colours of the summer palette, the result is light, cool and muted combinations. Light Summer Light grey, white, sky blue, powder pink, soft lavender and light navy A blend of summer and spring, these are soft greys and blues, dusty rose and other light colours. For the living room, try soft grey walls …

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